Oh, You Single SINGLE?!

“Until you know and love yourself; it’s hard to find anyone else to love you the way you deserve.” Waiting has nothing to do with lying back and hoping that good things find you. It’s about putting aside distractions, using your gifts, and becoming someone God can trust to bless with great opportunities and wonderfulContinue reading “Oh, You Single SINGLE?!”

Just Keep Dreaming.

Believe. Dream. Succeed! Poetry Night Tuesday May 1, 2018 Alexandra Abraham put together a Poetry Night for all the creators, rappers, poets, dreamers, singers, believers, and bloggers. This event was at Nell’s Place Downtown in Beaumont, Texas during Happy Hour! Putting together such a positive event for the Golden Triangle to attend was so brilliantContinue reading “Just Keep Dreaming.”

Success for Brunch!

Here’s to Women Celebrating Women! Saturday April 21,2018 Brittany Blakney a member of Prairie View Senior Girls(PVSG) hosted a Women Empowerment Brunch at PVAMU. “The purpose of the brunch was to be a platform for young ladies to network and come together with women leaders. Some students have never spend time with successful women, especiallyContinue reading “Success for Brunch!”

We should acknowledge Depression more..

I know I’m going to go a little off topic from my weekly blog routine and talk about depression and anxiety. I’ve been noticing a lot of people openly admit that depression and anxiety isn’t talked about enough or overlooked. I couldn’t agree more. Struggling with control over your emotions is overlooked period. Many peopleContinue reading “We should acknowledge Depression more..”