You’ll never love me. 💔

I honestly can’t explain how i feel..
Ion even know what to say. I’ve been here before but this shit feels a different way.
I knew it wasn’t good, but pursused it anyway.
I knew you’d never love me, but kinda hope you would one day.
You were my bestfriend, but i knew it wasnt even genuine
Tf wrong with i that damn lonely?
To let a man In my life who don’t even respect me as a homie? Barley wanna get to know me.
You were never consistent and always showed me the distance, but for some reason one day i just hope you seen i was with it. I was with you.
I always spoke of how I’d hope you’d tell your kids about me, bc i knew their mother i could never be. Not because i didnt want kids with you, but bc i knew you’d never choose me as much as i kept choosing you, and that wasn’t even the biggest issue. You’d always leave and I’d end up using all my damn tissue. Trying to figure out what’s my issue..
Like why I’m crying over a nigga i always gotta Persue?
Why i keep running back to a man who keep making issues. Constantly got me asking myself “am I the issue?” But deep down i didnt love me, bc i was willing to settle for someone who’d never love me. I just hope i was important enough to go down in at least one of your favorite memories.

-Dominique J. Lavergne
Revenge Mind, Body & Soul

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