Imagine That!

Imagine living in a world where nothing but genuine things and people exist? We wouldn’t have to worry about anyone manipulating, lying, cheating, stealing, etc. Things would be less complicated and painless. I could love with no limits. No boundaries. No doubt that you may not like or love me. I could trust without thinking twice about anything. I wouldn’t have to pay attention to my gut feeling or my conscious because we live in a world where everything and everyone is genuine. We wouldn’t need it. We would all be  Genuinely honest and caring people. I wouldn’t have to question if things were too good to be true, because anything less than the truth don’t exist in this world. Imagine that! Would you be happier? Would life be easier? NAH!………that wouldn’t be right. Something has to be fishy or wrong about the world. It’ll be way too perfect because were told perfect people and things don’t exist, so what’s really up with it? What’s the catch to all this greatness?

“He’s probably just using me to get over his ex.” she said.

“She’s probably just dating me for my money.” he said.

We’re all too damaged and fucked up to ever imagine anything too good. We’ll eventually starting questioning the greatness were experiencing.

I genuinely showed and gave you nothing but greatness and you questioned it. You questioned it to the point that you gave up on me. Or it just wasn’t enough and you weren’t honest enough to tell me, but in my case I was just too much for you! I can’t blame just you. I questioned you too! It was too good to be true.  The perfect world I tried to experience with you is now tarnished. I can’t imagine a world where genuine things and people exist anymore. I got a taste of lies, cheating, manipulating, etc. and the taste wont leave my mouth. I have to follow my gut feelings and instincts from now on when truth is all I ever wanted to do was just trust you.

-Dominique J. Lavergne

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