Oh, You Single SINGLE?!

“Until you know and love yourself; it’s hard to find anyone else to love you the way you deserve.”


Waiting has nothing to do with lying back and hoping that good things find you. It’s about putting aside distractions, using your gifts, and becoming someone God can trust to bless with great opportunities and wonderful people.

“The Wait” by Devon Franklin and Megan Good

I’m reading this book called “The Wait” By Devon Franklin and Megan Good here’s a few questions from the book they ask you to ask yourself.

  • Why haven’t I found true love yet?
  • How are some of my habits working against the life I really want?
  • What negative patterns do I see myself repeating over and over?
  • Am I attracted to people who aren’t right for me?
  • What am I ready to sacrifice to become my best self?
  • What kind of person do I want in my life?

Patience is the not the ability to wait, but the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting.  -Joyce Meyers.

  • Enjoy the Journey
  • Make Relationships count
  • Enjoy your relationship with yourself

You must learn and invest in yourself before trying to do that with someone else. Plenty of times after bad breakup’s I felt like I lost myself, and forgot who I was before the relationship. It’s because I never truly gave myself time to love and find out who I was first. As young Men and Women we feel like we have to rush and find the love of our lives as if we’re running out of time.

Being alone has helped me focus my full potential. Made me focus more on me, my dreams, goals, and being the best me I can be. Have you ever heard the saying “How can you say you want a Man/Woman that has this and that, but you don’t?” That’s absolutely true. How can you expect to attract someone that’s a hard-working, family oriented, saving money, etc.  if you aren’t doing any of those things?

Being single is only boring if you let it. We have to make the best of every chapter in our life. Embracing where you are now prepares you for where you’re trying to go. We must focus on what is the purpose of the chapter we’re in, learn, and grow from it. Never get stuck in a chapter. It’s ok to reread it until you understand, but don’t stay too long. Our purpose of reading the book is to finish it all the way to the end. God wants us to grow. He wants to bless us with everything he has in store for us. It’s solely up to us to make the choice to get ready for our blessings or continuously delay them. I don’t know about you, but I’m willing to sacrifice it all to live a more promising life.

My hair helps my patients.

My body helps my patients.

When I think of my hair, and going natural I know one day it will be exactly where I want it. It will be so big, beautiful, and curly. I know my body will be toned, my hips will spread, and my booty will even get a little bigger(WATCH OUT NOW!)

Basically, I’m putting in the hard work daily working towards my hair and body goals. I’m not going to wake up in the morning and have these things, but I know for a fact these things will one day flourish exactly how I want them. I strongly believe they will. I have faith that the things I speak into existence will soon become my reality.

So ,with that being said Be Patient baby! Your season of love is coming! Your soul mate exist! Love and focus on you first!


Dominique J. Lavergne

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