Patients is Key.

Staying up during down times.

Keeping Faith during difficult test.

Being Patient when the wait seems overwhelming.

Staying encouraged during uninspired times.

I lost track of what my purpose was for starting this blog. A part of it started as a revenge tool, but ended up being a part of my healing process. Reading and taking my own advice was a great way for me to escape my pain, and focus fully on helping people while also helping myself.


What happens when you have writers block for months? Have absolutely nothing encouraging to say to no one, not even yourself. I kept asking myself “How do a Lifestyle Blogger not have anything motivating to say?” I didn’t even feel inspired to do my own thing. I started falling back on my old ways for comfort, understanding, and just out of boredom.

I should stop drinking. I should stop smoking. I need to focus!

-Jhene Aiko

I made starting my new job as an excuse for not being inspired or speaking on God’s word. Honestly, I didn’t feel moved by anything in my life. I felt like everything was at a stand still like I wasn’t doing enough. I felt like everyone around me was doing something they could make a profit off of, but not me. (I know I shouldn’t do things just for the money, but in that moment I felt that was my only way my blog would take off.)

A mustard seed was all I needed to sew a dream.

-Chance the Rapper

All I needed was faith in God, myself, and that my dreams would manifest into my reality.

Keep working hard and praying harder. Stay consistent with what your doing regardless if anyone supports you or not. Strive to be the best, Nothing Less!

Stay Focused.

Growth can be uncomfortable sometimes, and require change. Always stay open minded and willing to try new things that gets you out of your comfort zone.

Dreams $$$$$ CAN’T BUY!

It’s so easy to fall off and not work towards your deepest desires in life, because it requires hard work and dedication.

I vow today to never let no one or nothing  let me loose sight of the bigger picture on why God wants me focus.

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