Best Friends Forever?

I wrote this literally after I published my first blog. I wanted to publish this blog right after that one because it was something that was current in my life, and i was eager to speak on it. I thought about it like no I’ll wait. Simply because i like to talk only about things I’ve overcame, understood, and learned a lesson from. I probably was only writing out of emotions at the time, but after reading it a months later it’s still so relevant and true.


(I still love this picture, and them.)

When i first started blogging i was excited for my friends and family to read it. I knew right off I’ll have their support before anyone else!

Some of my family didn’t even acknowledge my work. Sadly, i expected that from them.

Some of my “friends” barely showed any support on what i was doing, and the little support they did show they could’ve kept it.

I figured since they were there for me at so many of my low points they would be just as eager to celebrate with me overcoming them.

Someone once told me “People want to see you doing good, but not better than them.”

That stuck with me.

When some people see your potential and your passion for something you’re doing they won’t support it. They don’t want to help you expand, so that’s why i go so hard for me and my vision.

As a believer in Jesus Christ I know for a fact whatever he has in store for me will always be for me. Regardless if anyone supports what I do, or try to knock what I’m doing, and even try to destroy it. God’s plan for my life will always remain the same.

Some people like you low, miserable, drunk, high, and disconnect from what your calling is.

I would personally ask my friends and family to read it, and give me their honest opinion on it..

They’d give some lame excuses as to why they could basically only support me in private.

In life, we can’t expect shit tho. Not from “Man” at least.

Friends that would hit me up to gossip,drink, party,etc.

I hit them up with my vision that’s turning into a reality & they can’t take the time out their day to see what their “friend” has to say.

Some friends i have huh? Or HAD I should say.

It don’t bother me much because I’m writing about it. I write about things I’ve overcome.

I overcame taking things personal from people

It’s not their fault. It’s apart of the process.

It was designed for them to show their true colors and to show me they were only seasonal in my life.

I’ve also learned to not put more energy into situations or things that no longer deserve life.

It’s dead… for a reason.

People come and go. If I keep questioning and wondering why I’ll forever be stuck in just that…WONDERING WHY STAGE.

“Why hold on too what you have to let go of?”

Once you understand everybody comes into your life for a reason, but they don’t all stay. Living life will be easier.

We all need each other. I needed every last one of my friends in the past, need my present friends, and will need my future friends.

They will also need me, because our paths didn’t cross one another’s for nothing.

I put more energy into showing love and being around the people that have always been there.

I’ve accepted God’s shift in my life, and didn’t question it or look at it in a negative way, because he never removes without eventually replacing.

No love lost. I’ll see you at the Top.

-Dominique J. Lavergne

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